Women in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Date(s) - 05.06.2020
19:00 - 20:30



Women in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

online Zoom Konferenz

June 5th, 2020,  19.00 to 20:30

Moderator: Renate Amesbauer, President WFWP-AUSTRIA ,

  • Prof. Zilka SPAHIC -SILJAK, Director: TPO Found.Sarajevo, www.tpo.ba

„The Role of Women in Peace Building“

  • Laleh ASHRAFI: Masterstudyinternat. Relations; Women in Peace Building, research
  • Dr. Maria RIEHL: WFWP UN -Vienna Office- Director,

Bridges of Peace“ – 4 steps towards reconciliation

Time for Q+A

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Speakers Leaflet:

Dr. Zilka Spahić Šiljak holds PhD in gender studies and her scope of work includes addressing cutting edge issues involving human rights, politics, religion, education and peace-building with more than fifteen years experience in academic teaching, and work in governmental and non-governmental sectors. She teaches at Cultural Studies at the University of Zenica and at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Sarajevo. Zilka is former research associate at Stanford University and Harvard University. Her publications includes: Bosnian Labyrinth: Culture, Gender and Leadership (2019); Living Values: Global Ethos in Local Context of BiH (2018); Shining Humanity – Life Stories of Women Peacebuilders in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014); Contesting Female, Feminist and Muslim Identities. Post-Socialist Contexts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (2012); Women Religion and Politics, 2010.


Laleh ASHRAFI, WFWP Intern, UN –Vienna, Master studies Internatioanl Relations and Anticorruption, Webster University, Vienna

My focus is conflict resolution. I would like to talk about the role of women in post-war development in the current situation in Bosnia and how they can help the society to overcome all cliches that have led them to civil conflicts. I would focus on bridging three main religious groups and the role of women in prevention of any other conflicts in the name of religion. Also another important role of women in This area that in growing economy and in this way they also help with post-war development.

Maria Riehl, PhD

Dr. Riehl was born and raised in East Slovakia in Kosice. In the spring of 1968, she visited Vienna, Austria for the first time to study German and work. On the 21st of August, 1968, military intervention of the former Warsaw troops in Tschechoslovakia changed her life completely.

Dr. Riehl then decided to continue her medical studies at the University of Vienna.

Since 1980 she has been working as a general physician in Vienna.

Dr. Riehl is married and mother to 5 adult children, and also grandmother of 8 grandhildren.

In 1992, Dr. Riehl founded the Austrian chapter of WFWP.

The organization´s goal is to empower women and develop their sense of original value.

The organization’s tools are friendships among women from various cultural backgrounds, reconciliation as a tool for peace, global civic education of a new ethical standard and social services.


Über den Autor

Ergotherapeutin, 5 Töchter, ich versuche auf der ebene von NGO einen Beitrag zu leisten zu einer positiven Veränderung in der Gesellschaft, bzw. derartige Bemühungen anderer zu unterstützen; ich freue mich über - neue- Kontakte; ich bin überzeugt, dass die wertvollsten Entwicklungen gemeinsam geschehen! Ich schätze Austausch und Zusammenarbeit!