PADUA, Reise; 1918-2018: Bridge of Peace Healing the past- opening the way for future development

Date(s) - 19.10.2018 - 21.10.2018
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Padova-Italy 19 – 20 -21 October 2018

Commemorating  the 100 years of the End of the First World War

You are cordially invited to join us for our conference on  20. October, in  Padua, Italy, to mark this historic occasion of the anniversary of the 100 years since the end of the first world war.

The Women’s Federation for World Peace -Europe, would like to take this opportunity to reflect about the past and look forward to the future.

 The First World War claimed the lives of over 16 million people, involved over 100 countries from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe and had an impact on the lives of everyone in every town and village in our nations. One hundred years later, we are all connected to the First World War, either through our own family history or because of the way it changed the history of our communities. 


Across the world, nations, communities and individuals of all ages will come together to mark, commemorate and remember the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War.


The conference will explore the contribution of women during the war their efforts on the frontline and in the home-front. We will seek ways to develop and strengthen a culture of peace as the source of cohesion between individuals, communities, ethnicities, races and nations.  


It is hoped that the conference will help foster and secure peace, cooperation and development for all on the foundation of shared values and good practice and the aim is to generate proposals and commitments for the promotion of the accepting of cultures and a society of lasting peace.


We will hold a United in Peace the ‘Bridge of Peace’ sisterhood ceremony. It’s a wonderful occasion which brings together women in order to take a lead on peace-building and reconciliation initiatives, thus promoting a more peaceful, harmonious society through friendship and understanding, including some entertainment.  Participants may arrive on Friday 19 October, in the afternoon and depart on Sunday, 21 October after lunch. They will be accommodated at the Hotel M 14 in Padua.

We do hope that you will be able to attend. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to meeting you in person at this significant conference.

If you are interested to join this conference, please contact us:

Renate Amesbauer

Irmgard Mäntler




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Ergotherapeutin, 5 Töchter, ich versuche auf der ebene von NGO einen Beitrag zu leisten zu einer positiven Veränderung in der Gesellschaft, bzw. derartige Bemühungen anderer zu unterstützen; ich freue mich über - neue- Kontakte; ich bin überzeugt, dass die wertvollsten Entwicklungen gemeinsam geschehen! Ich schätze Austausch und Zusammenarbeit!