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Date(s) - 18.11.2017
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Eva Fritz /  Stella A. Attakpah
– Channeling, Quantenenergie – Aura Surgery, Crystal Energy In English and German
Sie lernen, wie Sie Verantwortung für Ihre Gesundheit übernehmen können. Am
Vormittag der theoretische und wissenschaftlich fundierte Teil, am Nachmittag der
spirituelle und energetische Teil (Channeling, Meditation, angewandte Energiearbeit)
You learn how to take responsibility for your health. In the morning, we present the
theory and scientific part, in the afternoon the spiritual and energy part (channeling,
meditation, applied energy work)
Kosten/Costs: 100 Euro (Frühbucherbonus/Early booking before 18.10. 90 Euro)


Stella A. Attkpah
Crystal Energy Healing / Aura Surgery
I am a retired IAEA staff member, and I am in Vienna for a few months, to share with friends and
former VIC colleagues my gift of becoming more intuitive and healing your own body. I finally
allowed this gift to come through to me, aftr “avoiding” the responsibility for many years. I work
mainly with Crystals for clearing energy blocks that cause dis-ease (aura surgery).
Crystals are very powerful healing tools that can be used to boost our natural spiritual and healing powers, and have been used in past civilizatins for thousands of years. They are living objects that blend with your energy field in order to correct or dissolve all energy blocks present there. Crystals work much the same way that a laser does by coordinatig scattred rays of energy and making the energy fild so coherent and uni-directinal that a force is generated that matches with the life energy field of the person seeking to be healed by amplifying the life energy field for healing. Crystals are currently used in medical devices to amplify energy – and they do exactly the same thing to our bodies!
Contact: 0664 947 92 69, Email: stellaaku@gmail.com

Eva Fritz
Channeling and Quantum Healing
I retired from the IAEA in 2013 and am very happy to now be able to devote more time to the
wide area of spiritual development and energy work. My BA studies of Holistic Health Science at
the Quantum University Hawaii gave me insight into how energy affcts the physical body at the
cellular level. I serve as a channel for Ascended Masters and Beings of Light for groups and in
individual sessions, where life questins are answered from a higher perspectie. Channeling is
communicatin with highly developed spiritual Beings of other dimensions and I am grateful to Rhiannon Augenthaler for teaching me how to connect and channel messages.

I learned the practial applicatin of Quantum Healing, a spontaneous alignment of your energy field with your original matrix. Healing is always done by God and as psychics we are the ‘messengers’ and ‘mediators’ and
assist you to activate your deep and hidden power which allows you to bring yourself to a state of wellness and health.
Contact: 0699 17 08 66 55, energyworx21@gmail.com, or via Facebook page EnergY WorX
Individual sessions with Stella or Eva:
 20 mins – Euros 20
 1 hour – Euro 60
 Home or offi energy clearing session for €120

Über den Autor

Ergotherapeutin, 5 Töchter, ich versuche auf der ebene von NGO einen Beitrag zu leisten zu einer positiven Veränderung in der Gesellschaft, bzw. derartige Bemühungen anderer zu unterstützen; ich freue mich über - neue- Kontakte; ich bin überzeugt, dass die wertvollsten Entwicklungen gemeinsam geschehen! Ich schätze Austausch und Zusammenarbeit!