ACUNS WFWPI Side Event a CCPCJ with the theme : Elderly victims and offenders of Crime

Date(s) - 24.05.2016

Conference Room M3

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would like to invite you to this round table on  the theme of Elderly and Crime. Indeed many older persons are lonely and some live in poverty.

This roundtable has experts who will present diverse Topics on the subject as they are authors of a ‘book on the way’ on Elderly Crime and victimisation. 

As Cosponsors , ACUNS and WFWPI in Vienna invite you to join us at 9am on the 24th May. Please take enough time and come early as over 2,500 other participants are also joining this CCPCJ Event.

8.20 am would be timely as it may take 30 minutes to get through the security and still another 10 to 15 minutes to get your badges.

Looking Forward to Meeting you there,

Regards, Elisabeth

Speakers are Dr. Josephine Papst, Dr. Maximillian Edelbacher, Dr. Helmut Kury

Awareness of silent Crimes affecting the lives of the elderly is on the increase. This roundtable has a number of interesting experts, who are preparing a book on “Elderly Crime and Victimization” by  Peter C. Kratcoski and Maximilian Edelbacher

               Request special events tickets to attend the event

    When you have no UN grounds pass, kindly send a request to

Elisabeth Riedl  by 17th May at the latest.

Please include your Passport Number, and Organisation

Address: Vienna Int. Centre,  1220 Vienna, Wagramer Str.5 :  Subway U1 (Kaisermühlen).

CCPCJ Side event on Elderly Victims and offenders of Crime


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